Tuesday, March 10, 2009

smiles and be nicer...

Someone stepped on my feet… and didn’t bother to say SORRY… I’m so pissed off. My heart is more painful than my feet. It actually ruined my day! Was it really hard to say sorry!!

Then it happened again… Yet, still there ware no sorry. ME? I’m just smiled…  I didn’t really take it seriously. This time the pain is not as much pain as the other day… Not to say the impact was less significant, but because this time I’m being a nicer girl… My heart felt much better and my mind still can sing my fav song. Lol… It’s not that I’m happy that someone’s stepped on me but I've learnt how to live nicer…

I love experiencing with life. By practicing what I’ve read, rationalizing others’ actions & words and also justification what’s mine... I’ve heard that you’ll be happier if you become the nicer person. Be nicer and you’ll see the world is a nicer place than what you thought. It’s not hard to be one. But, when the emotion is more powerful that the mind, it becomes harder.

I try to live my life by this principle: smiles and be nicer. The world will smile back. And it does.

* the giver is more significant than the gift*

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