Thursday, May 14, 2009


Someone shared with me her biggest fat secret… that she had promise herself not to fall again… So, she told the mind to remind the heart that they will avoid any attempts, either from inside or outside to fall in love again. To give no chance for Mr. Romance or Mr. Cupid to drop by. Let alone to stay. She told me that the mind and the heart definitely work well together. Until one day she realised that she is deeply in love. She felt disappointed. It’s like the heart had committed a crime. The heart had secretly and silently falls in love. She did not know about it cos it was so secret that only the heart knew it. She only realise it when the feeling was so deep that the heart can’t keep it to itself. At that point, denying the feeling was too late and painful. Nothing can be done except praying that the damage would not be too catastrophic. Because whenever the heart hurts, it wasn’t secret and silent. It will caused a swollen eyes, unrest body, worried mind and most important a broken heart. It broke terribly that it makes a promise not to fall again…

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