Wednesday, May 27, 2009

MU v Barcelona

I’m not an avid football fan… but I know a thing or two about football… I know when a ball is offside. But, I can’t make a sense of it. How can we punish the player if it’s the ball that offside? Lol… and I know that Real Madrid is the best club in the world… and Raul really is a great player. Not to mention, Mourinho is the bestest a club could ever have…

Enough of my madness. Tomorrow’s game is very important to MU fans. To show how well they know about football and to tell the world that they die for MU… ha-ha… I don’t know the result. But I know the after game reaction. If MU went home empty handed, our national paper will talk a little less about it. They will likely mourning for the miss-victory.

But, if MU did win… I won’t read the sport section… it’s so …. You know right… Yaeh, MU is one of the great team… they have a few good players… but, it always over-rated for me… I don’t know…

So, my prediction is 2-1.

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