Monday, May 18, 2009

take it like a man...

Have you ever seen a guy who got so down after breaking up? Yes, a few… and have you ever seen a girl who is not affected by the same reason? NEVER…

Why some guys did seems so fine over a failed relationship? They act like nothing has happen. They are completely fine. Why??

Because it’s always hard for a girl. There is the down process, the letting go process, the ‘is-it-my-fault?’ process, the forgive and forget, what so ever process until they finally realize that tomorrow might be a better day…

Simply because girls are full of emotions. So, maybe we should take it like a man. When it’s over, it’s over. If there’s nothing you can do, get over it… ASAP. End of story.


  1. well said sister! Senang ke nak buat?

    (Huh.. I never read peoples blog on and on at a time! Keep posting...)

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  3. Hidemichi - it's easier said then done.. lol..
    but, thanx for reading n commenting on my blog.