Friday, June 26, 2009

and they say...

They say; A woman needs her own source of income even after married, in case your marriage didn’t work.

They say; Once you married, make sure you have some joint property under your name, in case your husband leave you.

They say; Don’t totally trust your husband; you won’t know what will happen in the future.

They say; Gender equality.

I’ve heard it so many times from so many people that I believe it’s true. I believe that all women should know about it. Recently, the topic was discussed again. I’m just listening to them. I’ve realise one thing. It’s a crap.

Who would get married with a reminder inside their mind that the married would not last? If you don’t trust you partner, who would you trust then? Gender equality? I laughed every time hearing about it. There would not be him and her if he and she are equal. We were creates to complete one another. There’s no way a woman can be like man. That’s a fact. We are never less worthy if we can’t top them. Because, we are unique and special in our own way

There are so many ‘value’ instill inside us that are not really a value. We instill it in our children. They grow up believing it and make mistakes. They will realise it when it’s already too late.

For example, marriage. Divorce cases in Malaysia are really frightening. Most of the reason is no more understanding between the spouses. It’s all bulls@*%*. Maybe it’s our culture. Divorce is really nothing to us. They will call it ‘takdir’. Crap!! Marriage is not like buying a pair shoes. Marriage is forever. It’s not a one night decision. You have to ask for guidance. When there are situations, handle it carefully. For you to enjoy the pleasure of marriage, you have to suck up everything . Believe it, its worth to fight for.

If I want to get married, I won’t think of the above possibilities. I won’t worry if it didn’t work out, if he leaves me or what so ever. Because, at that time, I am certain that he is really the one. That it will last forever. Because I believe what I believe.


  1. Well said...

    It is all up to us for any decision despite so much possibilities. The most important thing is to know ourself and how we want the world works.

    some how people start to think that marrige is a risky!?

  2. yeah.. they say marriage is a gambling.. so, they are the gambler.. if only they know...