Thursday, June 25, 2009

"cinta monyet"

Back in 2000, I’ve a crush on one of our senior. For me, he’s a perfect catch. He is just my type. I was in my first semester and it was his second semester then. Eventually, he became the reason for me to attend classes, fought the Monday blues and he really makes my day. Specifically, my years of dull and boring college life. For nearly four years then. It was crazy though. I’ve done few stupid things along the way. But, it does give me sweet memories too. One of his ex is my friend now. A good friend indeed. Of course she didn’t know that I’ve crush on her ex.

Throughout the years, we were classmate for few subjects. But I never have the guts to initiate a conversation. He was so reserved with strangers. And me, I just got cold feet wherever he was around. We have few common friends that we once shared a table for roti canai. Again, I did nothing.

I’m totally fall for him. Crush, crush and crush… it’s all about him. At least, there’s someone at the faculty that makes me smile. And he is not blind to not notice me. At least, he knew that there was a girl who can’t take her eyes of him. Or he probably called me a stalker. Lol…

Between us, there was nothing material happened. Even though I wish there was. I should have done something. We could become friend. I don’t know whether I should or shouldn’t regret it now for not doing something about it.

Now, he is getting married. I thought it will break me, but it didn’t. There’s feeling that I can’t describe. Maybe there are reasons why we didn’t really cross each other path. That’s something my mind can justify.

In the end, I might wish him well and luck…

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