Tuesday, June 16, 2009

i wanna be....

What’s your ambition? Someone asked me… it would be a simple question if I still in my school uniform. I would simply say a nurse or a teacher or a stewardess. But it wasn’t as easy as that to answer that at this age.

I need to answer it or I would ended up look like a loser… it just that I did not have a ready answer to that question just like I did years ago… of all the things that I want in this life, I answered housewife… duh!!! What am I saying... maybe because it’s Tuesday!

I did accounting because of my uncle… he is my favourite uncle… and I do think that I’m his favourite too… he did accounting and became a banker… he was so cool then that he wrote me a Cheque for my hari raya angpow. I was 12 then. Then, I took accounting because I don’t dare imagine myself in a lab with a knife and a frog. So, I can say that I’m who I’m now only by chances.

I used to have a plan for my life. What I want to achieve in 10 years time. It was clear and I’m certain that I can achieve it. But, things happen, I meant great thing so I was canceling what I have planned. Then, it did not turn up the way it supposed to be. Those things just stop me from having any plan, ambition or dreams. I don’t dare to. So, I live by ‘que sera, sera… whatever will be, will be…’

I’m thinking of having new and fresh ambition now. Lol…


  1. I don't have my ready answer as well! My job now is not what every kids would think off.

  2. u r a teacher right? a very tough job nowadays... :)