Friday, June 19, 2009

It’s my birthday….

Last year, I took a day off. Bought myself a gift. A very cute pot with baby crystal and a plant. The plant is still standing and healthy. It grown few new leaves too. My one and only sister sent to my office a bouquet of flower. Lol... she just loves doing such thing. And as usual, we go for a special dinner. It’s a housemate routine. As of gifts, I received a bag pack from my office mate. They are the best…

I’m not expecting anything this year... But of course, I could expect a thing or two. Wishes, gifts and dinner. Lol… I already bought myself a gift. A business card case. I’ve been looking for it for quite sometimes, but I found a really nice one last week. Just in time I guest. But, I’m looking for one more things. Hopefully I can get it. I should also use the free movie coupon given by GSC. Cos the last year’s coupon had gone wasted.

I wish that nothing really happen to me this year. My life so far was not that great but it’s ok. So, I shall be fine with it. I have my family around and lots of true friends. I still have my job to pay everything I should. I still have times to spend on things I love. So, it’s fine. I’m not ready for any big changes to what I have in hands. Except that a PSP will bring more joy to my life… oh, I’m really mad about it… its awesome…