Monday, June 22, 2009

What’s your no.??

I’ve to punch calculator to know my exact age… I’m not kidding then!

Back then, when I’m approaching 20’s I’ve kind of can’t wait to reach the 20’s. it’s look cool then. When I’m in early 20’s, I just hope it’s stop there. I was like; ok, you can stop growing up now. It’s the bestest time of your life. You are young, have no commitment, you got paid for doing college and all you have to worry is exams. Years go by and the numbers just won’t stop. Then, I start to discount my age. It’s not that I lied to others. Cos lots of my friends know my age. And I don’t make lots of new acquaintance recently. Even if I do, the ages question doesn’t really come. So, it’s me that being mess by my numbers manipulation. Sometimes, I have to count my brothers age to know mine. I really mess up my mind thought.

The age really freak me out I guest. I admit it that I’m really scared of growing up. Cos grown up isn’t fun.

Since my recent birth date, I’ve been using calculator twice to know my age. The numbers didn’t really attach into my mind. Let alone my heart. It’s not that I have trouble to memories or short term memories. I just can’t justify it maybe.

But then I realize that I might be older that I’m. I’m Muslim, so I should know my age according to the Islamic calendar. But I don’t. It’s shame on me. Logically, a year in Islam calendar is shorter. So my age supposed to be............................

Oh, I wish I knew…. That sooner or later, the age 3x will welcome me to the club and I have to have plan about it. It’s a serious number. For someone whose forever 23, I’m loosing it. I play with them everyday, they are my life and my best friend. But, they really kick from the cloud I’m in.

I know mine, do you know yours?


  1. ok...what year you were born? let justify it for you...hahaha!

    Believe me, I also once thought I am forever 24 (perhaps my wonder year*) up until I feel I can no longer run as fast. It sure does freaky. I read your entry it sure does sounded like mine! sigh...

  2. :) so i'm forever a year younger than u.. lol...