Friday, July 03, 2009

Blame it on me...

Akon concert was being postponed due to a ‘family matters…’ I’m a fan of Akon music. But, given a chance, I won’t go to such event even you offered me lots of cash. I can't imagine if I were ever go to such event like this much anticipated Akon’s concert. And out of nowhere, the rooftops fall on me and others. And I didn’t make it. That’s an awful place to die right? That’s only my imagination. Lol… For me, such events bring nothing to us, especially to teenagers. You can give me one good thing come from it, and I can give you 10 reasons why such event is unnecessary and inappropriate.

Actually, there is always music event held nowadays. Be it a concert, live bands, live show and not forgetting the non-stop entertainment from the pub, disco and only who knows where else. The funny is concert seems a MUST event. Example, a campaign for ‘Anti Dadah’. Surely, there’s a concert for the teens. Then, they are puzzle why such campaign did not really works. Lol…

There are some voices that loudly speak their concern of this issue. Example, Avril’s concert, and the ‘Sure Heboh’ free concert. But, there were shut by thousands excuses which satisfied the regulators. It’s a shame then.

I’m not suggesting that we say NO to music 100%. But, we should know the limitations. We are allowed to have some entertainment. It just that what we have now is too much.

The Akon’s concert is jointly organized by a well-known liquor brand. Need I say more???


  1. quote mimpi:"The Akon's concert is jointly organised by a well-known liquor brand.Need I say more???"

    No need seed@mimpi..enough said oredi,hi3...