Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cinta biji saga i

I was alone in the classroom. Then Jefry came in. On bended knees, he handed me a red, tiny heart shape and said ‘Rose, I love you’. I still remember how he look likes back then. We were both eight that time. He is not in my list of friends but what he’d done had touched my heart.

We become close ever since. We play, laugh, fight and shared so many things together. We were classmate, friends and lover. Then, he goes to boarding school. Leaving me all alone. We were apart by time and space. Lack of communication makes us stranger every time we met. Two strangers shared a same feeling sharing moments of their life. 10 years later, both Jefry and Rose officially did it…

I always have in my mind that biji saga can create moments in my life. Not because of Jefry of course. But there are things about it. Maybe the joy it brings while collecting it. It makes you a child again. Worriless and free.

The saga of Cinta Biji Saga will continue. But, the truth about this entry is that the second paragraph was only my imagination. I’m not even 28... Ha-ha… Sorry guys...

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