Thursday, July 09, 2009


The Ulama and Imam could help enhance awareness of the transmission of HIV/AIDS as their voices are heard by all level of society, said Malaysian AIDS Council deputy president Datuk Zaman Khan. He said that Ulama and Imam could impart information on the scourge of the disease in religious lessons, sermons and ceramah, not only in mosques but also at public forums. “Their role could be more effective than that government agencies or non-government organizations.” He said yesterday. – Bernama

At least, somebody do the thinking rationally. How could you give free supply of condoms and needles and hope the HIV/AIDS cases decrease?

Set aside cases caused by blood transfer. HIV/AIDS are an example of sinful disease. You will have it if you are morally sick. If you are against what was written. First, if you are questioning why is sex before marriage is not allowed. Why the western can do it but we can’t? You are wrong then. Most of the religions in this world do not permit sex before marriage. It’s sinful. I don’t know why they become use to it. It’s a lifestyle for us. To justify that we are not ketinggalan zaman. Believe me, its normal now. It’s awful but it’s a fact. Second, if you find drugs can give you peacefulness. For me, once you are in, it’s very hard to get out.

Problems can’t solve by problems. You can’t just give them free condoms and hope they won’t spread the disease. And do you sincerely think that giving a junkie free needles will serve it purpose?

When it come to what is right or wrong, you have to be very objective. It’s either YES or NO. Especially matters regarding the religion. We have to tell our children that drugs bring nothing but damages. And there will be no sex without married. You may see it in TV or elsewhere. But, it’s immoral and sinful. Was it so hard to do?

We have to accept that HIV/AIDS is a bad thing. It’s shameful that millions of innocent becomes it victim. The children especially. Who to be blame then? Us… for letting it happen. And for handling it wrongly.

When there’s a will, there’s always a way.

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