Monday, July 06, 2009

It’s raining man…

Last Thursday morning, I was stopped by an awkward moment. I saw some unusual lorries parked at the end of the corner where I used to pass to go to my office’s building. It became awkward when I saw a half naked man near those lorries. I was like; what? I just stopped to think what I should do. It was drizzle. I don’t want to reroute to another road. So I just stood and thinking. Lucky me, there’s a girl who was going to the same direction as I am. I’m not sure whether she saw what I saw. I just tailed her closely.

What on earth a man doing some underground piping works half naked? It was 7 in the morning, drizzling and he is not in his own backyard. I did not wish to know what on his mind.

Even Mike Delfino will think twice to dress like that… Lol…

* Awkward *


  1. it wouldn't be so awkward if he had six packs,huh?LOL

  2. Hidemichi: lol... i dun know la. but, when i saw one I'll tell u. haha... but, surely it will be awkward too la.. and gross!