Thursday, July 16, 2009


Source: 18 best friends.

38.89% is married
71.43% of married already have at least one child
80.00% of junior are boy
22.23% almost married
38.88% single and available
42.86% of single and available are on hunting
55.56% are either professional or semi-pro
30.00% of professional or semi-pro is married
71.43% is married to high school or uni boy friend
5.56% is ok of being forever single
100.00% of single and available are working and independent woman
100.00% of married is doing great.

3 years forecast:
1. the fourth stat will materialized.
2. the second stat will increase so we’ll have more jr’s
3. the success rate of sixth stat is high, > 50%

5 years forecast:
1. more from fourth and fifth stat will be included in first and second.
2. the last stat will remain the same.

this statistic is caused by my wisdom teeth. Lol…