Friday, July 31, 2009

Teoh’s inquest

I saw some Teoh family member’s pictures in the newspaper. They look distraught. You could give them everything in the world but you could not return them the life before their son/sibling being murdered. Teoh’s case is an example that should only happen in film or novel. It’s too inhumanity. He was not killed by any criminal but a politic-criminal. But, he was not the first; there are others who also become a victim of such criminal. I guest that the list won’t stop at Teoh. I bet the inquest won’t bring any justice to the deceased. There will be not enough evidence or it will be another black sheep as usual. It’s up to the ‘you know who’ to decide. With the people like the ‘you know who’ lead the ‘you know what’ is still there, it’s hard for a justice to prevail. But to all those who involved in this crime, you may get off from it now. But, you should know it better.

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