Friday, July 24, 2009

That’s not my name…

We were walking to the language faculty one afternoon… to draw some money from the ATM machine. Then we heard someone shout Kak Aimar… We were at the parking lot and it was hot. Then my friend said the boys was waving and smiling towards us. And yes, they were. Suddenly it hit me. They are the boys I’ve meet last week. From engineering school. One of them was my friend’s online buddy. So, I smiled and waved awkwardly. Luckily they drove off after that. My friend asks me who is Aimar?

I never know any girl that have so mane name like me. Be it pet name, nick name or whatever name it is. I have almost 10 names. Some are given by friends. Sometimes I have to think which name to use and it’s funny though.

I should start using my full name from now on. Plus, I have a short and simple one. Did u know that we can get pahala if others call you using your real name? That what is being told to me.

p/s: I like when you call me Cik Mimpi... :)

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