Friday, August 21, 2009

best friends forever...

I’m losing the ‘I’m your best friend forever’ bit by bit. I don’t choose to be one. Ain’t doing anything when sees it came. I thought it will be better but it’s not.

Last three years, my dad had accidentally reunited with his friend from the past. Ever since that day, they did what best friends did. Judging by that I’m sure that they are really good friends back then. The reunion was a bless for them. I can see the happiness, the joy and the other side of my father which I haven’t seen. My dad as a damn good friend. Lol… Sadly, his friend died just a year after the reunion.

Just now I overheard a conversation between my boss and his best friends. They talked about their days in Singapore. A good old childhood days. I’m amazed by their friendship. I’m counting for that.

I have a friend who I thought is a bit offended by what I haven’t done. I wasn’t there most of the time. It’s partly my fault but it’s never my intention. There are times which I acted like I don’t care but I’m not. I wish she knew it. I’m now the ‘bad-good friend’. But we don’t make friends overnight. So, losing it over some arguments or misunderstanding is never worth it. We’ll see what will happen next but I’ll make sure that one fine day we will such conversation.

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