Friday, August 21, 2009

'Blessful' Malaysia

Malaysia is a ‘bless’ country. Thanks to the gay partners, to those who stand fighting for ‘it’s up to them if they want to drink’, to those who tried so hard to ruin the credibility of the Syariah Court, to those who spending so much money buying ‘worst than cheap’ tv programmes, to those who should but did nothing against immoral local artists… etc… etc… etc…

We were ‘blessed’ and will be continued ‘blessed’ unless we stop acting against His words. When the said alcohol is prohibited, it’s. So, it’s not up to them to drink if they want.

Scientists may have explanation for whatever things happen n this world. The global warming, the uncertain weather changes, cancers, HIV and the latest H1N1 pandemics. Like it or not, it might be a message from Him. To tell us that there is so many wrongdoings around.

Didn’t the ‘you know who’ know about all the sickness around him? Didn’t his ‘I’m your slaves’ master’ updates him? Or didn’t they watch the tv? Or maybe what are wrong years ago is not really wrong now? Come on, didn’t you learnt or at least heard about yesteryears history? Master, your ignorance is driving us to hell…

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