Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I’m single but…

What is the assumption for a guy who is not too bad looking, have a good career and almost perfect to have actually married but still single? One assumption that mostly pops up first is ‘is he gay’? Given the same situation, but the subject is a SHE. The same assumption is rare. We seldom assume a girl is lesbian if she is single. Unless she is a ‘pengkid’. I guest I spell it right. People might say ‘there is something wrong with her’.

So, it’s quite hard for most girls to admit she is single. People won’t take any answer as it is. If they say they don’t have a boyfriend, people will assume that the girl is too choosy or whatsoever. Sometimes, being single is like committing a crime. Lol… If they say they are not ready for a commitment, people will assume the girl is feminist.

Girls will not admit she is single is she is not. Any girl who said she is single is signaling a hint. Got it?

There’s one Qwill it freak a guy if a girl said she is single and never have a bf?

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