Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Love birds…

Have you seen any? They are everywhere. I saw so many of them that sometimes I felt like thrown up. In the train, shopping complex and car park. What’s wrong with all these people? I mean the students with uniform, girls with tudung and our teenagers. They are just like a rotten fruit. It’s sickness.

They may call it love. But it is most definitely a lust.

What they do in portraying their love is immoral and wrong. But we are a race who always tolerates everything in our life. I said that because we saw it but we did nothing. So, the wrong-doing becomes common in our community. It’s terrifying. I cursed myself evertytime I saw the-lust driven-love birds. It is because I can’t bring myself to do something about it.

I think we should have a syllabus in school on love. We should teach them the do and don’t in a relationship between boy and girl. There is module on sex I guest. And soon there will be subject for 1Malaysia. Lol… The you-know –who should know better what the priority are.

Now I know why there’s many singletini out there…

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