Monday, August 17, 2009

Not so GREAT statistic…

In 60’s and 70’s – You don’t fall in love but you got married and live well forever.
In 80’s – You fall in love once, got married and live well ever after.
In 90’s – you fall in love once or twice, got married and live well.
In 2000 – you fall in love 3-4 times and you probably won’t get married. Duh!!

I’ve heard this in a Chinese movie. It’s funny then but I can relate to it. Just look around us, you will see the truth behind it. I know a lots of single out there who still there with a hope that the day will finally come.

So, what went wrong there? It’s us. We doubt that true love is exist, we set an unreasonable standard, we afraid that it won’t last forever, we believe that we are better off alone and we thought that love is not material.

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