Monday, August 17, 2009

Too many great things…

Ask a boy what is the greatest thing in his life? He would probably say the day he actually drove his dad’s car. Ask a married man, he would probably say the day he wed his lover. A father would say the day his child was born. Or on a later years, the day his child can ride a bicycle.

Recently, there was a suicide case in my apartment. Luckily not from my apartment block. I’m not sure who but all I know is the person is a student. I’m not sure what the reason was but is it really worth it? If someone’s had told that poor lad that there are too many great things to let go, things would probably be different.

There are times when worlds made us given up or letting go. When we felt we had put in so much and that is it. When we finally decided that whatever will be, will be… It’s man’s nature. It’s the point where the future seems not promising. But we didn’t stop there. Because if we did, we would miss the - Too many great things…

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