Tuesday, September 29, 2009

There goes my Velentino Rudy…

If I didn’t tell her what I’ve, she wouldn’t be so mad at me. She wouldn’t raise the old stories and I wouldn’t be this hurt.

If I wasn’t stopped to help her with the file, I don’t have to spend five minutes before I got into the lift. So I would make it before rain and I wouldn’t step on the puddle. So my brand new shoes wouldn’t get wet!!!

If the questions weren’t so hard, I wouldn’t even dare to cheat. So, I did not cause others problem.

If he wasn’t so charming, she wouldn’t fall for him. That she wouldn’t have her heart break.

If the ball wasn’t so round…

Smallest Gesture

Today wasn’t really a productive day. I’m still searching for the right mood. It gets worse by an update from a good ‘hunting candidate’ in the Facebook. My day gets better when someone from next door office told me they all like me because I always smiling. LOL!

I smile to others because I feel awkward if I don’t.

Sometimes our smallest gesture means a lot to others. Smile and a quick conversation may seem insignificant but it does sometimes to some people. They say that a smile can brighten your day. I believe it because mine did. LOL!

There are people who don’t deserve my smallest gesture. I hope I can bring myself to at least smile to their frown faces but I can’t. One fine day maybe…

Shoes…. Again?

I used to buy things I do not need, things I would never wear or things that are not necessary. Be it shoes, clothes or accessories. I have few shoes that I did not even know I have. LOL! I guest that the thing of being a girl.

Shopping makes me loose it sometimes… most of the times… LOL! The pleasure of buying things is undefined. It brings smile and joy. For that very moment at least. It’s a really good rehabilitation. It’s my justification for the short term pleasure that only last in the shopping complex, most of the case. Once I realize that I don’t even need the stuff, it’s a déjà vu. It’s a lesson that never learnt.

Example, I lost count how many time I went for shopping last Ramadhan. It’s scared to look at my budget. As always, it was more than it should. It hit me that I’ve spent way more than I should. It makes my Syawal less meaningful. So, I made a vow that next year I would only have a piece of clothes and a pair of shoes for raya.

Shopping is fun but spending the money for others who really need are more… you know what right?

Monday, September 28, 2009


Senyumlah… walau dunia tak seindah syurga…

I lost someone yesterday… someone from yesterdays. We’ve crossed each other path for few great moments.

Now, I cursed the fact that I did not stop at his house last Wednesday’ morning. I cursed the fact that I did not ask my brother about him when I think about him last week. The words just got stuck in my mouth. Now I wonder what will happen if I did stop at his house when I did not. Will I felt as bad as yesterday?

I had every opportunity but it wasted. I know nothing could bring him back. That I could never ever will speak to him again.

I’m a bit disappointed because love doesn’t come often.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bestest conversation

Mak Ngah : Hye Oca!!

Oca : Hye Mak Ngah..

Mak Ngah : Oca rindu kt Mak Ngah tak?

Oca : Rindu... Bile Mak Ngah nk datang umah Oca?

Mak Ngah : Oca tak ajak pn…

Oca : Oca ajak la ni…

Mak Ngah : Mak Ngah busy la Ca…

Oca : Mak Ngah, jom main masak-masak nak?

Mak Ngah : Sape lagi nk main?

Oca : Mak Ngah dengan Oca je… Oca jadi ibu, Mak Ngah jadi anak ok…

Mak Ngah : Ok…

………………….intermission ………………………………….

Oca : Mak Ngah.. Oca nk tido ngan Mak Ngah bole?

Mak Ngah : Oca tanye ngan ibu ngan ayah dulu la sayang…

Oca : Ok...

It’s the best conversation I ever had…

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ramadhan datang lagi…

Bile Ramadhan mesti ade majlis amal… bile ade majlis amal mesti ade artis popular… bile buat majlis amal mesti nak buat press conference. Bile buat majlis amal mesti nk brag on it…

It’s good to organize such events during Ramadhan. To remind us that there others who is less fortunate around us. It’s time to collect and distribute funds to such needy. Even though we are not as aggressive as Muslims from the Middle East but we are doing great. But, why we must have the unnecessary accessories in such a bless-full events? I can understand if they want to have a press conference. But, why we need the appearance of such people who in short I could say plastic and hypocrite.

It’s typical Malaysian I guest. We could not live without entertainment. It’s a must in most part of our life. It’s terrifying.

tonite gonna be a good nite...

Finally, there are positive news coming from I don’t know where... LOL! Ok, it’s from Information, Communication & Culture Ministry. Now we know that they care about you know what.

The coming Black Eyed Peace’s concert is only restricted to Non-Muslim aged 18 and above. It’s FIRST TIME in our country that Muslim is prohibited to such event. Hopefully it’s not too late because such event brings nothing but damages.

The concert is in relation to the Arthur’s Day party. Arthur’s Day is the global celebration of the 250th anniversary of the signing of a 9,000-year lease on St James’ Gate in Dublin in 1759 by Arthur Guinness, the founder of the renowned stout brand. The event marked the founding of the first Guinness brewery and the start of the brand – its terrifying facts because it’s also the marking of how alcohol becomes ‘not a big deal’ in Muslim community. It’s a longer contract than the 9,000-year lease agreement that they have. It’s a lifetime! One example, we have a big and standing Guinness factory of our own.

What more fearsome is Subang Jaya is one of five venues worldwide to host the Arthur’s Day. Yes, our very own Subang Jaya. Should I say that we are the chosen one? Luckily I’m not from Subang Jaya. But, I wonder why the venue is not at their so proud factory along the Federal Highway? For me, it’s an insult to Malaysian as a whole. That’s just my plain opinion.

Hopefully the organizer will do their part in realizing the said from the Ministry. It’s bad enough that they are given permit to hold such event. So, please, please… pay some respect to the land where you are standing.

And to those who prohibited from attending the event, trust me that you don’t belong there. You may have your own opinion and justification against it but don’t deny the facts. I won’t list out for you because you already knew it. At least your subconscious mind or your sound judgement knew it.

Kudos to those who’s fighting for our rights.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Saya tidak percaya akan janji palsu….

Mirror, mirror on the wall... who’s the fairest of all? Most women look at the mirror everyday and hope they are fairer... everyday! I asked myself why? Bur then, why not? It’s in our blood. The need to be fairer, pettier and sum of all is to be better than the woman next to us.

There are so many products out there that give hopes for that. Fairer skin in 3 weeks and some are even better, in just 7 days. What makes it irresistible is the affordably cheap price. LOL! I used to buy all these marketing promises. Now, you can say all you want but I won’t buy. Like the said, once bitten twice shy!

Don’t simply believe if they say you can get a fairer skin in just 7 days when the price is so reasonable cheap. It’s just a marketing strategy. Just look at the models’ skin. The skins are originally fair.

Saya tidak percaya dan tidak suka akan janji palsu….

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Marry Poppin

We have Marry Poppin in our house. I hate it because she is Marry Poppin and I hope she’s gone.


It’s nothing…

I said that to my dad because usually the subject was not material to him. I said that to my brothers because they will never understand. I said ‘it’s nothing…’ to my mum because it was not fair for her to worry about my problems. I said ‘it’s nothing…’ to my sister because I don’t want to talk about it at that point of time. I said that to my friend because I prefer to keep it within myself.

Someone told me ‘it’s nothing…’ recently. I know there’s something in his mind. Maybe he thought that I would not understand his situation or it’s not the right time to talk about his ‘it’s nothing…’ I knew that it would bring no good in forcing him because I’ve been there. But it kills me to know what is ‘it’s nothing…’

When she did say ‘it’s nothing…’ it never was ‘it’s nothing…’ She said nothing because he would never understand the issue. Or he might decide that the ‘it’s nothing…’ is actually nothing.

Actually, this entry… it’s nothing….