Thursday, September 03, 2009

It’s nothing…

I said that to my dad because usually the subject was not material to him. I said that to my brothers because they will never understand. I said ‘it’s nothing…’ to my mum because it was not fair for her to worry about my problems. I said ‘it’s nothing…’ to my sister because I don’t want to talk about it at that point of time. I said that to my friend because I prefer to keep it within myself.

Someone told me ‘it’s nothing…’ recently. I know there’s something in his mind. Maybe he thought that I would not understand his situation or it’s not the right time to talk about his ‘it’s nothing…’ I knew that it would bring no good in forcing him because I’ve been there. But it kills me to know what is ‘it’s nothing…’

When she did say ‘it’s nothing…’ it never was ‘it’s nothing…’ She said nothing because he would never understand the issue. Or he might decide that the ‘it’s nothing…’ is actually nothing.

Actually, this entry… it’s nothing….

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  1. My mum always told me that dont tell everybody about everything, coz it might go against me. That it when I would say 'it's nothing' to them...