Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ramadhan datang lagi…

Bile Ramadhan mesti ade majlis amal… bile ade majlis amal mesti ade artis popular… bile buat majlis amal mesti nak buat press conference. Bile buat majlis amal mesti nk brag on it…

It’s good to organize such events during Ramadhan. To remind us that there others who is less fortunate around us. It’s time to collect and distribute funds to such needy. Even though we are not as aggressive as Muslims from the Middle East but we are doing great. But, why we must have the unnecessary accessories in such a bless-full events? I can understand if they want to have a press conference. But, why we need the appearance of such people who in short I could say plastic and hypocrite.

It’s typical Malaysian I guest. We could not live without entertainment. It’s a must in most part of our life. It’s terrifying.

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