Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Shoes…. Again?

I used to buy things I do not need, things I would never wear or things that are not necessary. Be it shoes, clothes or accessories. I have few shoes that I did not even know I have. LOL! I guest that the thing of being a girl.

Shopping makes me loose it sometimes… most of the times… LOL! The pleasure of buying things is undefined. It brings smile and joy. For that very moment at least. It’s a really good rehabilitation. It’s my justification for the short term pleasure that only last in the shopping complex, most of the case. Once I realize that I don’t even need the stuff, it’s a déjà vu. It’s a lesson that never learnt.

Example, I lost count how many time I went for shopping last Ramadhan. It’s scared to look at my budget. As always, it was more than it should. It hit me that I’ve spent way more than I should. It makes my Syawal less meaningful. So, I made a vow that next year I would only have a piece of clothes and a pair of shoes for raya.

Shopping is fun but spending the money for others who really need are more… you know what right?

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