Thursday, September 10, 2009

tonite gonna be a good nite...

Finally, there are positive news coming from I don’t know where... LOL! Ok, it’s from Information, Communication & Culture Ministry. Now we know that they care about you know what.

The coming Black Eyed Peace’s concert is only restricted to Non-Muslim aged 18 and above. It’s FIRST TIME in our country that Muslim is prohibited to such event. Hopefully it’s not too late because such event brings nothing but damages.

The concert is in relation to the Arthur’s Day party. Arthur’s Day is the global celebration of the 250th anniversary of the signing of a 9,000-year lease on St James’ Gate in Dublin in 1759 by Arthur Guinness, the founder of the renowned stout brand. The event marked the founding of the first Guinness brewery and the start of the brand – its terrifying facts because it’s also the marking of how alcohol becomes ‘not a big deal’ in Muslim community. It’s a longer contract than the 9,000-year lease agreement that they have. It’s a lifetime! One example, we have a big and standing Guinness factory of our own.

What more fearsome is Subang Jaya is one of five venues worldwide to host the Arthur’s Day. Yes, our very own Subang Jaya. Should I say that we are the chosen one? Luckily I’m not from Subang Jaya. But, I wonder why the venue is not at their so proud factory along the Federal Highway? For me, it’s an insult to Malaysian as a whole. That’s just my plain opinion.

Hopefully the organizer will do their part in realizing the said from the Ministry. It’s bad enough that they are given permit to hold such event. So, please, please… pay some respect to the land where you are standing.

And to those who prohibited from attending the event, trust me that you don’t belong there. You may have your own opinion and justification against it but don’t deny the facts. I won’t list out for you because you already knew it. At least your subconscious mind or your sound judgement knew it.

Kudos to those who’s fighting for our rights.

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