Thursday, October 08, 2009

7. Google – DPM

I have a written note of what to do… quite a list then. Number 7 is Google – DPM. I was like, what on earth is DPM. Deputy Prime Minister? Big NO! DPM does not ring any bell. I’ve tried to retrieve from my hard disk. No answer. No clue at all. Was it associate to someone? A potential hunting candidate maybe or someone I don’t really like. LOL!!

What, who, when or which DPM I’ve written about? Damn! The only thing I remembered is I did not want others to know what I’m google-ing. So DPM is it. Duh!

At this juncture, cracking my brain won’t do any good. The possibility to crack it is impossible. 0.001% I might say.



  1. Dia Pi Mana?
    Dia Pi Melaka?
    Dah Penat Mata?
    Datuk Paduka Maharaja?


    Dah Penat Mencuba!Hehhhhh......