Thursday, October 22, 2009

Beautiful Nightmare…

Quite hard to find decent photo of her... LOL!

‘Granted, when this concert was first announced, PAS youth wing did what the do best to “protect the morals of Malaysians” by calling for a protest.’

I’m so not get it when there are peoples who can’t accept that there are others who care. That can’t see if there are others who trying doing a good deeds. If you did not want to stand for what is right, let others do it. You may just shut up.

Which only questions, the kind of image and misconceptions that other people have about Malaysia and its peace-loving people to prompt such drastic action

So really, you are looking for someone to blame?

- This is taken from The Star’s today.

Generally, is there is any good things come from the whole concerts or gigs thing?

The whole saga of our entertainment industry is nonsense. The they who can’t be mention should open the books again. Study whatever related and made adjustment to their manual wherever necessary. They should go back to the basic and learn. Their ‘I couldn’t care less’ attitude would continue damaging our youth. If they can’t do what needed to be done let others who can. I admit that it’s a lot EASIER said than DONE but WHEN THERE’S A WILL, THERE’S A WAY.

In this case, it’s unfair to teach the IF I Was A Boy’s girl how she should dress herself. Why don’t the who can make decision just declare that such event is inappropriate for Muslim’s youth. So, it’s strongly advisable to not to join such events. Thus, any promotion related to it must include the advice circulated. Etc.. etc... etc... Not that I have no other suggestion but I should stop here before other get annoy of me... LOL!

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