Thursday, October 08, 2009

Nothing much…

Nothing much… still working with the same Company, rent the same apartment, still the same weekends, still me and myself alone, still looking for Dupree… Lol! Still the same person but ageing in term of number. LOL! Basically ‘nothing much…’

That was a simple answer yet hard for others to correctly process. I like when friends calling or sms-ing to updates what’s new with each others life. That’s what friends do then, checking each others. There might be expectations sometimes. When we have goods stories to share, we hope the other person also has one to share. So, it wouldn’t bring the guilty feeling if the other person don’t. You would be please to share all the highlight with your best friends but it is a bit dim if you don’t have any.

So the next time the phone ringing I should have better than nothing much answer. It’s jaded, mystical at some points, raises so many others why and doom. I could say that I’m now collecting sky high heels… juicier!!!

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