Monday, October 05, 2009

Villages wiped out...

I read on the newspaper… villages wiped out. Déjà vu. I heard it somewhere. Not just once, few times. I heard it during classes back in school, I heard it on TV and now I heard it again.

Seriously, I want to know the ‘behind the story’ of everything that happens in the disaster area. I’m not saying that there must be but there might be a story behind the story. So, we could learn from it if there are any.

Have you heard such stories before? Stories from yesteryears. Stories told by the Almighty in His kalam, our Al-Quran. Stories of people before our dearest Prophet, Muhammad SAW. Stories of how He vanished peoples who ignored His Messenger’s words. How He destroyed peoples who being cruel to themselves.

I’m sure that things happen for a reason. It might be a disaster caused by natural factors. But, it might also a message from Him. An angry message I guest. There are so many cruelties done by us to ourselves, to others and to the world. We knew it but we did nothing. We did it again and again. We are far from the saying that said learnt from our mistakes. I guest; it would be far too late when we finally woke up.

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