Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Before saying yes to YES

These are the time where girls will take EL or call in sick to enjoy shopping in peace. Or to stay up till midnight just to splurge. Some might have no monthly budget because sure they will override it. It’s the time that going to places with big discount sign is not a good idea doesn’t matter how determine you are to not to be possessed by the % sign. LOL! Unless if you went there alone without cash and the evil plastic money… It sucks but works…

Consider these:-
- The items might end up in the closet
- You might wonder why you bought things you bought
- The prices after the cut down are usually not that cheap. If it’s, the items
usually are out dated or not in a good quality

Some might say that shopping is another form of therapy. Instead of paying the therapist, they paid the clothes, shoes or handbag to console them. It’s uncertain if you could be healed but sure you got lots of new stuff. It’s a win-win situation there. I said that shopping is an investment. LOL!

If you can’t really say no to YES, avoiding the shopping complex is really can help unless if you really have the extra extra money to splurge.

Enjoy YES!!! Go shop till you drop or don’t!

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