Wednesday, November 11, 2009


What do you like about raining? I like wishing upon it…

They said if you make a doa when it’s raining, it’s most likely that your doa will be granted. It’s one of the bestest time to make one.

Someone who was once material to me told me to say it LOUD. He said ‘awak doalah kuat-kuat…’ He wasn’t joking then. What he means is if you want your prayer is granted, say it loud and clear. Loud in the sense that you want it badly and really meant it.

This raining season makes me eager and can’t wait to see Him. To let Him know my wish and what I want. With Him, I can say things I can’t to others. The I wish things surely can put my heart and my mind at ease.

He certainly heard our doa. It just the granting what we have been wishing for is uncertain. The key is always sincerity and persistence. One find day you will be smiling for what is granted and what is not. Because no one knows better.


  1. doa mesti dituruti usaha...moga berjaya!

  2. try writing all your wishes in a book or paste in on your bedroom wall. When it is some what granted and you look back at your wishes...You will feel something!