Friday, November 13, 2009

thing about HEART called LOVE

Jika benar cinta itu buta, buta kah mataku…

Love is blind. Those are the easiest way to explain the madness, dumbness, carelessness and other blind reaction towards thing called LOVE. It’s the justification for all the blindness for the sake of LOVE. Maybe that is the reason why we FALL in LOVE.

Literally, LOVE does close your eyes. You won’t see the bad, the weaknesses and even the imperfection. You would only see what you want to. Which are the sweetness, the kindness and all the good qualities that made you FALL. The subject that you fall in LOVE to is flawless and perfect. Or did LOVE close it eyes on things you don’t want to see?

Once the love GONE, you would notice things that you don’t before. Things that you fail to recognise because we were blinded by thing called LOVE.

Is LOVE really blind? Or when it comes to thing called LOVE, we have to excuse the HEART. Excuse the HEART for it purposely done wrong or deliberately being fool. Excuse the HEART for all damages shall it done when LOVE is actually not LOVE.

They say that the thing about LOVE and HEART is untellable. It’s something that what is logic to the brain is irrelevant, most of the time. The line between what is wrong and right is almost not there.

Just like the madness of some MU fanatic… For bad or good, they stick to their craziness. It’s personal sometimes. That is something that some others can’t justify.

If LOVE isn’t so blind, we would RISE in LOVE.

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