Thursday, November 19, 2009

Know your spices...

Ketumbar, jintan manis, jintan putih, bunga cengkih, kayu manis, bunga lawang, buah keras…I’m sure I know the later because it looks like one of my favourite nut, macadamia nuts. LOL!

I used to help my late uncle packing all these stuff. He would sell these spices and some other things in his stall in pasar borong Selayang. He would give me some upah which he hardly resists for me to keep. I’m always in the position of being a nice girl. Haha… I enjoy helping him out and I’d do it for love.

My mum never asks me to buy all these spices. I went to boarding school since I’m 16 and my house become second to the hostel/college/rental apartment ever since then, so I hardly in the kitchen when my mum is cooking. None of these spices is needed when I’m cooking my style of survival meals. People are just damn good in reasoning right?

I'm someone’s niece who used to know most of the spices but now I determine to know all the spices well. I don’t want to be someone’s mother or someone’s wife who doesn’t know spices.

For this coming raya haji, I would assign myself as an active in my mum’s kitchen.

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