Wednesday, November 11, 2009


It just like any other day for us but the closure will haunted us for quite sometimes. The biggest nightmare proves to be a real nightmare. Our rented apartment been ransacked. We lost 3 laptops, SLR, a digital camera and few other things. The estimated total lost is RM14,000.

I knew how it feels when you lost something. But I’m not going to describe my housemates’ nightmare of losing things their lost. I wouldn’t want to under or over estimates their feeling.

Thanks to the kind Kak Dayang for going through the awful night with us. She’s been very helpful. We should cook for her something I guest.:) Also thanks to Corporal Zulfahmy, Inspector Ikhwan and Detective Roslan from Lembah Pantai’s Police Department. We really appreciate the tips and comments. Lol!

We never thought that our unit will be the chosen one. On the second thought, who will?

Now, the whole things really make us more careful. We have been upgrading our security aspect as suggested. We got paranoid sometimes. For any sound from outside, the door bell and even the strong wind that push the wooden door.

But, we are grateful that nobody was hurt during the incident. We were thankful that none of us were home that time. That the thief did not come back that night. We were thankful that we still have what we have. We were appreciative that we still have each other after that. Most of all, the thief did not steal our faith and strengths. We were hurt but we still can smile.

This experience will haunt us for quite sometimes I’m sure. I couldn’t stop imagine how they ransacked our unit. Did they sit on our sofa? What was on their mind then? For all I know, the house will never be the same again. It has been contaminated by few heartless people.

People said that things happen for a reason. That it takes rain to have that beautiful rainbow. For that rainbow, we acknowledge the painful.


  1. the rain already passed by, and it take sometimes for rainbow to appear...
    may be it's too beautiful to emerge at this moment... =))

  2. tumpang simpati...pasti perasaan trauma tu akan berpjgn...dh penah rasa & perasaan tu msh menghantui walau dh lbh 1 thn berlaku....sabar & doa...moga dirahmati & dilindungi Allah.

  3. the victim - i hope so..
    afendi - thanks..