Wednesday, December 02, 2009

and they say...

They say life is a long journey but it seems we never have enough time.

They say money can’t buy happiness but poverty either can.

They say let it go, it will comes back if it yours. But does it?

They say love is like playing a piano. You learn the rules but play by your heart.

They say don’t read beauty magazine because it only make you feel ugly.

They say don’t be reckless to other people heart but does it really matter?

They say love don’t come easy. I bet they are right…

They say when the time is right; you’ll meet the right person. So, what before it?

They say money is never enough, once again they are right.

They say a smile can brighten up a day, did they mean it?

They say you don’t have to taste the doughnut to know it’s sweet...


  1. doesn't matter what they's up to you to decide!

  2. asyik 'they say-they say' jek? cemaner dgn 'you say' pulak?