Wednesday, December 09, 2009

before backdoor...

File corrupted, anti-virus, backdoor, firewall, vault, Trojan, malware, internet protocol, document recovered, non-responding document, low disk space……. And whole lots of whatever term they call it.

Could you imagine if you have to work without a PC? I can’t… I can’t… I can’t…

I’ve experienced working without electricity for half a day. There’s really nothing can be done. I’ve worked with disable PC. I felt the PC is better off inside the Sungai Klang than in front of me. Now, my PC is infected and corrupted with viruses. And I felt the same. LOL!

Why we become so dependent on it? You might not notice it but try a day without it.

How was the time before PC? Or before all the tech that made the world smaller, faster and closer? I miss writing letter to my grandma and friends. I miss the time when handphone is only for business man.

If only I could do my work without PC. Who can? Nasi lemak seller? Nanny? Stewardess? Pemetik buah strawberry? Nurse? House wife? Duhh, but, hi-tech house wife sounds sexier. LOL!


  1. nanny cum marry poppin.. Haha..

    no pc no kerja, no kerja no pulus... no.. no..