Monday, December 28, 2009

aku hensem!!

Do you still remember that handsome boy? Be it from your uni or high school. He might sit next to you or both of you were in the same group discussion. He might be the most handsome boy in the class or one of any. He was the boy that girls can’t take their eyes off. That the other boys would also admit that he is. Most girls would die if he smiled or even talked to them because he won’t usually.

We were talking about this kind of boy last night. What kind of person they are now. Still like the handsome boy we knew or they finally realise that look doesn’t always matter. But some boys will always be boys. We know few…

“Aku hensem, aku hensem, aku hensem… kalau tak cantik jagan tegur aku… aku hensem…” Literally, this one thing we couldn't argue. It is statement written in their forehead. It’s funny but most girls felt that way.

Footnote: thanks Roni for that statement… lol!!

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