Tuesday, December 15, 2009

fatine o fatine...

this is my letter to the editor of NST concerning the fatine issue.. not sure if it going to be published cos u know why... but, i've spoken my view... :)

I couldn’t agree with dissatisfaction and disgust of Sofia Lim Siu Ching and Joshua Lopez (“Overstayers” – NST 7 Dec 09). Fatine Bahari or action is really a disgrace to Muslim community and Malaysia. As a Muslim, we are not only live by Man-made Laws but ultimately, the laws set by The One. One great thing about Islam is we co-exist collectively. We did not stand on our own. We are in the position to advice or admonish others who are acting beyond their rights. There is a clear definition of what is right or wrong in Islam. Thousand justifications could never cause wrong action became right. Mohamad is Islam and he is eligible to an advice and punishment for his wrong-doing. I do not understand why others can simply said something which beyond their knowledge. Maybe both of you should first understand the whole issue before commenting and condemning others action. One could understand Immigration director general, Datuk Abdul Rahamn’s disappointment if they looking at this issue from the right perspective.

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