Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Less two lonely people in Zombieland…

If you ever watched the preview of the Zombieland, please don’t be fooled by its stupidity, lack of senses, madness and whatever that you have in mind. Yes, the movie seems not worth watching but it’s not. I never have intention to watch this movie. For it was so dumb.

But it was so worth watching. It touches my laughing stratum and my heart. It has everything in it. Horror, comedy, Bill Murray, action, lots of guns, big wheel, romance and Twinkie.

Other than the zombies, there are only 4 actors in it. A big guy with a soft heart, 2 manipulative sisters and the hero: not a typical Hollywood hero. He’s the ordinary chap who has no life other than his warcraft and his list of rules and of course his yearning to pull his dream girl’s hair back to her ear.

Always remember the rules: rule #32: enjoy the little things…