Monday, December 28, 2009

lesson learnt..

I’m hungry, tired, can’t drink too much, should not fall asleep and I’m sure the next 12 hours would be a lot lot longer than it was….

Blame it to the fact that I’m a girl who matter of fact, a girl should have more than one handbag. Blame it to the long weekend that my schedule goes haywire. Blame it to the Alexander The Great which kept we until 2 in the morning. Blame it to the keys that I forgot to take with me this morning. Blame myself for voluntarily staying back alone to finish the never end works.

Before anyone says it I would have to admit that I’m a SELFISH. I’m emotionally selfish. I couldn’t bring myself to call my brother and told him that I need his help. Or for not being able to just ask my housemates to pick me up. Or to just text my dearest office mate that I want to go home but I can’t because the damn keys that I left at home. I know for sure that she will take the train if she has to because I would do the same for her. My brother sure would make some noise but he would never say no to me. As for my housemates, I know you guys love me.. LOL! Or at least they would send WEX or D to pick me up… sure I know it would be in my dreams only… I know my boss and the other girls would be membebel to me tomorrow after they found out why I’m stranded here. But, I’m literally EMOTIONALLY SELFISH. For the trouble I may caused others, for the what-they-will-say that I have in my thought and for the guilty feeling that will haunt for at least a week or two.

I do believe that things happen for a reason. I’m afraid that I was actually being punished for my actions. For He might be mad at me. I know that I’m to be blame. It just that I’m not accepting this whole-heartedly.

It would be a lot better if there’s someone came, solve my problem and took me home.

Above everything that happen and did not, there lots of lesson learnt.. the hard way I guest.


  1. cik...

    lain kali bgtau je la...u know we'll be u said "As for my housemates, I know you guys love me.." <----- dah tau that's wut we're for..isn't it?? *sighhhh....*

    by the way...see u next year, sorry body, heart & soul and don't do that again... *heartbroken*

  2. huh!psl tk mtk tlg?
    selfish sgt pun kdg2 susah beb!