Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Don’t tell me your secret, please!!!

 I did not realize that a secret is a big responsibility until last night. Suddenly I felt like someone is going to ask me to keep her secret. I was nervous and hoping she’s not.

Why people share their secret? Simply because the secret is so heavy that their shoulders can’t carry it alone. They need someone who could share the burden or whatever it is.

“Biar pecah di perut, jangan pecah di mulut”

Keeping a secret of someone else is not easy. We usually ended up sharing with someone we trust and asking them to keep it to themselves. But, what we don’t realize is that person we trust might possible done what we did… sharing it with the person they trust… then the secret is no longer a secret.

If you are not capable to carry the responsibility and to lift the weight of the secret, don’t. Just be honest and tell the person that you are not sure if you are strong enough to keep the secret.

auditors.. hate 'em or hate 'em...

Few of my friend ask me 'why the account people deteste the audit people? I just grinned...


1. Because account people hate when auditors told them that they did it wrong
2. What not important to the account people seems material to the auditors
3. Because auditors have the right to access to any documents which he think relevant to the Company
4. Auditors love to write you email, fax queries and etc to ask lots of question.
5. Because auditors would sometimes caused you to stay late at the office just to answer them
6. At the end of the day, you have to buy the auditors lunch
7. When you call them they are either in a meeting, going to clients' place, out for seminar, etc...

Last but not least, because you want but can't ask us out... You can actually but we prefer to keeps that wall... we prefer you to hate us.. lol!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

what women afraid the most?

 .....a talking good foods... 

it's like the foods keep asking you to eat them.. and you really can't resist the temptation...


Women may occasionally….

Tolerate to everything so that they won’t losing it even it’s not worth it
Be faithful to a cheated man
Waiting for an unanswered love
Hurt and broken but never will give up
Hoping and hopeless
Believe that something is worth holding for
Giving and would never take back

You could break her but she will never stop…

It’s stupidity and insanity in some eyes but literally, it’s a complexity of being a woman… no words could really describe it though… let alone to reason it.

Women are so fragile thus breaking them would never fail them…

Monday, February 22, 2010

silly MONDAY!

I saw him coming... 
I got into the lift and pressed the close button... 
Not that I'm being selfish but usually there will be another lift open. 
But, miraculously, the lift opens for him...he stared at me and I just grinned... :D 

.... lucky for me, it's M.O.N.D.A.Y.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ssyyttttt... thing we never told..

Did you puzzle when your sister updates you about your friends you haven't meet for ages? And when you ask her how she know what she knew, she just smiled and said "adelah...."
You may or may not realize that your wife or girl friend know exactly what thier ex-s do, who they went out with, where they life and etc.. even though it have been years...

Don't freak out... it's not that they still have something over their ex-s or they still much in contact with each other. It just it's in our blood, we women are really full of surprises. Literally, we can explain to you but you may not believe us. It sure sounds weird to you ears if we did.

So, next time you heard she chit chatting with the BFF about someone someone, just pretend you are not listening or care. But, don't go and ask us if we know that he is that or he is this... We surely say "really...."

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

road runners...

1.  Myvi - nothing is faster than them.. always in hurry... I'm always avoiding most of them..
2.  Made in Malaysia but dress like Lancer or Evo - usually, the only  noticeable from these  car is the loud  and  annoying sound. lol!
3.  Azroy - always being bullied by drivers who heartlessly drive in the emergency lane.
4. Bikers - Sexy and always got the extra attention, on the road or at the R&R..
5. Woman driver - we heard you enough guys!!
6. CIFU - Haha... did they know what safe distance is? 
7. Hati kering - the motto is biar cepat asal selamat... Lol!!

We are indeed polite and full of good manners. But, we definitely losing it on the road. Why? 

A Beemer will always be a Beemer... 


Friday, February 12, 2010

the caring makciks...

 I'm looking for an in law who knows how to cook, bake, garden, sew and pretty much of everything a woman should know. Also who can tell me her secret of removing bad stain. A Mother In Law 101... Lol...
Long holiday will usually trigger the most over-rated question if you mean to pop up in wedding ceremony, family gathering ant etc... basically where there are plenty of caring makcik...

They won't bother to ask you; how do you do? how is work? how much you made this year? have you paid your income tax? what are your contributions to the nation? Opps... those are boring and lame! Those caring makcik would only be interested to ask the only and one question... and unless you say something that they want to hear, their assumption are merely based on their judgement towards you and your ready-made answer. Didn't they realise that the could find those answer in the FAQ section? Lol!!!

I just can't wait to meet those caring makcik... who knows I might meet my soon to be in law along the way...  

*Have a nice holiday... Drive safe*

Monday, February 08, 2010


Demi masa, sesungguhnya manusia itu di dalam kerugian...
No time for Zuma
No enough time to create a decent entry
No time to kemas rumah
No enough time for Farmville
No time to just to say hye
No enough time to be spent wisely
No time to write to my future self....

Literally, i'm wasted!!

before forever...


I'll meet you... on any day before forever...


Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Once upon a time... A Valentine…

Valentine Day… Need no introduction to us I guest. But if you need to, go Google or just read the Wikipedia on Valentine. For some, no matter what they heard, saw, knew or read; they still celebrating it… or talk about it. We were told that it’s not our tradition to be celebrated but we live in a new world they said. Lol…

Did you hear about suggestion to girls on V-day? It’s totally an act by irresponsible and reckless persons to deviate us.

One fact that I learnt is : In Saudi Arabia, in 2002 and 2008, religious police banned the sale of all Valentine's Day items, telling shop workers to remove any red items, as the day is considered a non-Islamic holiday. In 2008 this ban created a black market of roses and wrapping paper.

I wonder if our government could at least ban Muslim from celebrating it… only time will tell… But didn’t they hear that Valentine is so yesterdays…