Wednesday, February 17, 2010

road runners...

1.  Myvi - nothing is faster than them.. always in hurry... I'm always avoiding most of them..
2.  Made in Malaysia but dress like Lancer or Evo - usually, the only  noticeable from these  car is the loud  and  annoying sound. lol!
3.  Azroy - always being bullied by drivers who heartlessly drive in the emergency lane.
4. Bikers - Sexy and always got the extra attention, on the road or at the R&R..
5. Woman driver - we heard you enough guys!!
6. CIFU - Haha... did they know what safe distance is? 
7. Hati kering - the motto is biar cepat asal selamat... Lol!!

We are indeed polite and full of good manners. But, we definitely losing it on the road. Why? 

A Beemer will always be a Beemer... 


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