Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ssyyttttt... thing we never told..

Did you puzzle when your sister updates you about your friends you haven't meet for ages? And when you ask her how she know what she knew, she just smiled and said "adelah...."
You may or may not realize that your wife or girl friend know exactly what thier ex-s do, who they went out with, where they life and etc.. even though it have been years...

Don't freak out... it's not that they still have something over their ex-s or they still much in contact with each other. It just it's in our blood, we women are really full of surprises. Literally, we can explain to you but you may not believe us. It sure sounds weird to you ears if we did.

So, next time you heard she chit chatting with the BFF about someone someone, just pretend you are not listening or care. But, don't go and ask us if we know that he is that or he is this... We surely say "really...."


  1. pertamax...
    oo begitu ya...
    wanita memang penuh misteri lah...
    bisa tau ape saje tentang lelaki...hehehe

  2. thanks for the comment.. lelaki pn penuh misteri.. sometimes can be deceiving i guest.. :)