Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Electric Barbarella

I'd used to think that I love this Duran Duran’s song… Electric  Barbarella. I wonder why… So, downloaded it… the first 3 minutes listening to it, I asked myself ‘why do I like this song?’ Half way of the song, maybe later! but, it’s out from my whatever list.

I’m nobody Cinderella… Not yet. Neither is he is my prince charming… I’m terrified… didn’t realize when all the just for fun became it look like serious though. My bad because I did not know how to pull myself out… Didn’t he remember that I’m his…. It’s now I understand that man can really be blinded by thing called LOVE. He looks like he is so mad at what we have in common. Even if the situation is different, I’m still terrified. If we were to meet 29 years ago, I might give it a chance. But, I wasn’t here yet that time… lol… I should told him that my ears are all for you when you need them. I do think that what we have now is great. But, I’m still waiting for the splendid moment of my life, in which you won’t be there.

How to exactly ‘menarik rambut dari dalam tepung, rambut tidak putus dan tepung tidak ….. ' Damn, I did not remember the tidak ape la.. lol!

My twin must be said ‘tu la, gedik sangat…’


  1. tepung tidak berselerak la....

    tu la...cekgu ajar takmo dgr...
    asyik nk usha mamat hensem sebelah kelas jek(ayat2 mitos)...hep!!!

  2. mane ade kite usha, mamat ensem tu yg usha kite.. haha!

  3. nti kite belajar bt kuih yer.. kene cari resepi yg best dulu... :)