Friday, April 23, 2010

Excuse me Sir!

I have a question for you... Here’s my situation.

Long time ago, ok, not long time ago. There is a person who caught drinking beer at a club. Then, your people said the punishment is so not liberal… there ware no fuss of what this person did wrong, only on the judgment which was so not liberal, as your people said…

Then, before that not long time there is another. One of this someone's son; proudly publishing his ‘I’m the rich and famous’ pictures. Beers, hot and sexy babe and a yacht! See, he is really living on $$$. I wonder where he got those $$$$. I bet, those picture was so famous but it just some pictures for people like you.

And then, comes this poor Zaid… he WAS during his time with you… I’ll bet you remember that. It’s not that I’m going to put anything in your hand… because I’m not that dumb as those dummies…Actually, I did not really know facts about these Zaid things. I’m not reading or watching your version of news since you break my heart… since you made me felt like choking every time I heard or read them. What I know is that he got the front page, exclusive for him… LAME!

My question is… just forget it… you and your people are very lousy at this… right Sir? 

But, was it our $$$$ that he spent on his luxurious lifestyle? Damn!!