Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Google translate…

This is my new toy… it’s fun, interesting, multi-tongue… lol… I used Google translate in most of my FB updates… hicks!

I know a bit of French… being addicted to French since our dearie Mr.Richard Johari James thought us to sing I’ll Survive, French version of course during our French class… I miss all his class… haha…

I think the Google translate is quite accurate… sometimes! I’ve tried translated few words into Malay, quite true. The best part is it can pronounce the translation…

It’s not like those translations in pirated VCD/DVD… you may learnt few strange words if you read those whatever translation. Recently, Umi bought The Three Idiot DVD. Not only the title but the translation is also IDIOT… semborono I tell you… lol… the funny is they just translate all the simple words and the words? Malay, English and Indo all imx up whenever they like it… hilarious than the movie itself… IDIOT!

Ma chanson préférée? Avez-vous déjà vu la pluie… J'ai entendu le premier dans un film ‘The Longest Yard”


  1. Yes, it is fun.
    Ma chanson préférée? Avez-vous déjà vu la pluie… meaning that 'My favorite song? have u ever seen the rain.....'
    huhu, betoi? eventually we can learn Finnish languange also.
    Who the hell in this world know how to speak Finnish? - quote from Becky Bloomwood.Lol...

  2. correct mie.. 10 point.. :) eh, kite lupe nk bg tau kite tagged Umi.. hehe.. saje je.. So, bole la kite jadi 'Dear Miss Becky Bloomwood...' lol!