Monday, May 31, 2010


I’ve got a missed call from the above number… called back but couldn’t get through…

The number seems coming from bank or insurance companies… Those are numbers which I would never pick up unless it keeps calling… saying NO to these people is hard… lol!

So, try my luck with Google… guest what? Haha, there’s forum for this number… lol! It’s not too much if I said I entrust my life to Google…

The said the calls are from AIA… offering free insurance… got our no form MyEG, Mastercard and Telekom… some of the caller would said they are calling from Telekom and MyEG on behalf of AIA … asking to verify some info and asking for MaybankCard No. As from the forum thread, luckily nobody was scammed yet…

Some tried to get info from TELEKOM but they said unable to divulge customer's details. Lame!!!


  1. lucky u, i never succeeded in searching issues of a number from google. google must be liking u huh?

  2. ape gelisah gundah gulana ni?
    tunggu je dia call blk...

  3. Hidemichi: lol.. if only Google have 2 legs.. :)
    afendi ariff: nti die call balik, still x mau jawab.. letih la layan call cam ni..

  4. i never pick up phone calls from unknown number like above.