Monday, May 17, 2010

ada ape dengan 20 June?

which 20 June? haha... Have you checked when you were born? try this Islamic Finder's site.

Tarikh lahir? 27 Syaaban ….

Possibility to get such answer is 0.000000%

It’s nothing for most… but who is at fault if our children only knew Ramadhan and Syawal?

Blame it to the Registration Bodies, blame it to the education system… Just blame it to the government… Dulu, Kini dan Selamanya…


But, it’s partly their fault… for failing to recognize how important such things… we are Malays first… then a Muslim… but Western by heart… the fact that we couldn’t really spell out the Islamic months in order never bother us. The fact that we are far from a good Muslim never bother us too. Thus, we never bother to try to become a better Muslim.

I would like to suggest this: To acknowledge the birth of a new Muslim according to Hijri Calendar. So, the Muharram-Zulhijjah aren’t just some alien words to our children.

Then, we will not too obsess by those daily horoscope and such.

And then, the newspaper would just discard those rubbish daily horoscope section.

And then, I wouldn’t have believed when they say " you are going to meet  your special someone at the end of the day…" Damn! I don’t wear my lucky heels.

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